Maintain Delay – Prevents Premature Ejaculation


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Marathon 21- Male Enlargement Pills

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  •  Prevent Premature Ejaculation And Stay Hard For As Long As You Want
  •  Delay The Onset Of Climax, Until Your Partner Has Been Satisfied
  •  Enjoy Multiple Orgasms
  •  Stay Hard Even After You Climax
  •  Maintain That Erection For As Long As You Want


Reviews (50)

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Say goodbye to the most common of male sexual problems. It’s a common problem almost 75% of adult males experience it and now there’s an easy and safe solution: new MAINTAIN Delay Pads. The easy and discreet way to eliminate problems associated with premature ejaculation!

This breakthrough utilizes an ingenious, fast-working topical formulation to help you prevent premature ejaculation and stay hard for as long as you want!

MAINTAIN Delay Pads are convenient, easy to use soft pads that are impregnated with a special “delaying” solution. Simply apply a pad to your penis and toss it away. It’s that simple! Within seconds the formula is working, giving your entire penis an invisible, climax-preventing “shield” that will forestall premature ejaculation and keep you rock-hard with no negative effect on your sexual pleasure or hers!

Goes on in seconds so you can go on for hours MAINTAIN Delay Pads contain a 10% solution of benzocaine, an external anesthetic that produces temporary numbness in the hyper-sensitive dermal cells of the penis. This desensitizing effect helps slow down the chain reaction of stimulus that inevitably leads to male orgasm. The result is you can now control and delay the onset of climax, until your partner has been satisfied beyond her wildest dreams! You’ll have the kind of staying power you’ve always dreamed about.

Odorless, tasteless, totally invisible. The exclusive formulation ofMAINTAIN Delay Pads will not interfere with your (or her) sexual enjoyment whatsoever.There’s no odor or taste, so she won’t even know you’re using it unless you tell her. Your partner will never know that you have a secret helper enabling you to stay hard even after you climax, so you can satisfy her like she’s never been satisfied before! Using MAINTAIN Delay Pads is the easiest way ever to control your climax and satisfy your partner! New MAINTAIN Delay Pads give you a degree of control you’ve never experienced before. The control you need to bring your partner to multiple orgasms without stopping!


How would you like to have control like that? Just a quick swipe of one Maintain Delay Pad and you’ll be in complete command of your erection and your climax. You’ll no longer be at the mercy of the physiological sensations that lead to premature climax and a frustrated partner.

Say goodbye to cumming or ejaculating too quickly, because now you can MAINTAIN that erection for as long as you want!

The #1 choice of the adult film industry MAINTAIN Delay Pads are a standard item on the sets of adult films.

More than one sex performer has said, “I wouldn’t think of working without them!” Why? Because they do the job! They deliver the kind of erection control that adult film stars demand.

If professional sex performers who need to stay hard for hours of filming XXX-rated movies swear by them, just think of what they can do for you!

Women everywhere are delighted with MAINTAIN Delay Pads and what they’re doing for their men. Women previously left on the brink of orgasm countless times by their partners premature ejaculations are now enjoying multiple orgasms all thanks to MAINTAIN Delay Pads.

They’ll help any man (regardless of age or physical state) gain the staying power that women crave!



Use only one pad to apply the liquid to your penis five minutes to sexual contacts. DO NOT USE ON YOUR EYE OR FACE.

Serving Size: 1 Pad; Serving Per Container: 35 Pads + 1 oz Liquid
Proprietary Extract BlendAmounts%DV*
Water, Catuaba Extract, Maca Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Glyceriene, Isoprophyl Alcohol.
*Daily Value Not Established